The Greatest Method of Praying: A Gift

by | Sep 13, 2022 | News, Valle Catholic Students

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The Valle Catholic Schools Foundation recently gifted 27 new rosaries to the Freshmen class at Valle Catholic Schools. This marks the third year of the new tradition between the Foundation and Valle Catholic Freshmen.  Students received the rosaries in their Religious Studies class, instructed by the Valle Catholic High School Religion teacher, Mrs. Colleen McClure. During their time in Religious Studies, students will use their new rosaries as an opportunity to grow in their spiritual faith. Each student will use their rosary throughout their years at Valle Catholic and will be able to keep it upon graduation as a way to remember their spiritual growth during their time at Valle.

Mrs. McClure plans to take the rosaries and have them blessed after an upcoming Mass.  Students will then be able to learn about and understand the significance and importance of the rosary blessing. A blessing of the newly gifted rosaries will also provide and maintain the sacredness and unity in prayer during student practice.

The Foundation was honored to answer this request from Mrs. McClure and provide this gift annually to connect Valle students to the Holy Rosary and Our Lady’s promises for those who pray it. As Saint Francis de Sales once stated, “The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.”

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