Mission and History


The primary mission of the Valle Catholic Schools Foundation is to provide long-term financial stability for Valle Catholic Schools and support an exceptional faith-based Catholic education for our community families today, tomorrow, and future generations. We strive to support the vision of a school that is grounded in faith and tradition and prepares students to become positive change-makers in the world. We hope to build the Foundation into one of the most impactful Catholic Schools Foundations in the country.


For over 30 years, Valle Catholic Schools Foundation has served as an independent nonprofit financial source for Valle Catholic Schools. The Foundation was established to raise and accept contributions through acquisition, investment, maintenance, and dispersal of assets from a fund set up to provide a third source of income beyond tuition and parish subsidies.

With the help of the Valle community, we continue to grow into a healthy, viable, and most importantly impactful foundation. Our Foundation is committed to having a long-term sustainable financial plan to make sure that future generations in the Ste. Genevieve community have the same opportunities to go to school and live their lives in a Christ-centered environment.  Our work at the Foundation is contingent upon the generosity of our many alumni and supporters.

We are Valle. This is a story about mission-driven innovation in private education- Innovation that is providing academic excellence and giving students the opportunities to access high-quality preparatory education while discovering their capabilities in a Christ-centered environment.