CARE List Program

In our ongoing effort to support the teachers and student population throughout Valle Catholic Schools, we have developed a Classroom Academic Resources for Excellence (CARE) program. This program is solely dedicated to find ways to help our educators enhance the academic classroom experiences for our current and future students. The items listed below will help strengthen, motivate, or recognize classroom excellence. If you are interested in donating one of the CARE items or have a question or idea of your own, please fill out the form below or contact the Valle Catholic Schools Foundation at or 573.880.5591.

Gator Balls (20)
Gator Balls are a versatile play equipment made with exceptionally durable materials! These balls can be used in our physical education programs for all students from pre-k to high school. These materials will help students enhance their physical skills and development through various games such as soccer, catch, Guard the Castle, and many other physical activities. These balls will not only help students improve their athletic abilities, they will provide a safe experience and up the level of fun!
Donation Value: $415
Flangoo World Language Subscription

Flangoo is a subscription based service for digital World Language readers. Flangoo creates and affordable solution for World Language teachers who want to offer students a wide range of various reading materials to improve their language skills. One yearly subscription of a Flangoo account will serve Mrs. Trimmer and up to 150 students access to an entire virtual Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) library.

We want to be fully prepared to offer students high-quality digital learning activities. Flangoo works anywhere on any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are no additional software or special apps required to use this exceptional program! Whether you are in class, at home, or on Google Classroom, students can access the library from virutally anywhere and continuously improve upon their language arts skills!
Donation Value: $199


Rand McNally World and U.S. Political Maps PURCHASED-THANK YOU!

First Grade has a knack for exploration! This World and U.S. Primary Political 3 Wall Map Combo will help our youngest explorers locate countries and cities mentioned in our Religion books, Non Fiction Reading Series and weekly Scholastic News Magazines. Students in Mrs. Woods class will be able to gain a better understanding of location, geography, traditions and culture while learning about their own unique surroundings too.

Donation Value $310

From Mrs. Wood: “Thank you to the Valle Schools Foundation, Administration, Parents and Parish Family for always going the extra mile. Your support and desire to help our students in their Valle Schools education will long be remembered. Forever a Warrior!”

Literary Novels: To Kill A Mockingbird (20) PURCHASED-THANK YOU!
Haper Lee’s literary work will be used in Mrs. Gegg’s high school English class to teach a variety of literary skills including identifying and analyzing theme, character development, and symbolism, while also discussing the importance of the historical context and how these details still resonate with people of the world today.
Students will develop critical thinking skills to apply these classic novels to the world around them and form opinions on their message and plot. These novels are an excellent way to spark class discussions as well as prompt a variety of writing exercises, while further enhancing student abilities to become critical readers and learners as well as cohesive writers.
Donation Value: $160
Building with STEM Bundle PURCHASED-THANK YOU!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is the big buzz word in education right now. Children have an innate curiosity to explore the possibilities of the world through trial and error. Allowing these explorations in Mrs. Holland’s Kindergarten class will develop critical thinking strategies and a sense of achievement, as well as seeing that there can be more than one answer when solving a problem. Applying these open-ended manipulatives in the classroom will allow students to become better thinkers and investigators. This STEM bundle includes the following items:
(1) 140-piece Construction Fort Building STEM set
(1) 320-piece Magnetic Sticks and Balls Building Block Sculpture set
(2)Magna-Tiles 32-piece Clear Colors set
(1) 88-piece STEM Building Block Manipulative set
(1) K’NEX 480-piece 35 Model Building set
(1) 170-piece Interconnecting Building Block set
(1) 112-piece Bristle Blocks STEM Creativity Building set
(1) Small 4 Liter Portable Sand Tray with Lid
(1) Melissa and Doug 200-piece Wooden Building Block set
(1) Little Tikes 100-piece Waffle Blocks Construction set

Donation Value: $350

From Mrs. Holland: “Any contribution to my classroom proposal is most graciously appreciated. Please know that the kindergarten students will certainly put them to good use as they explore the possibilities of these materials.”

Osmo STEAM and Storage Case Bundle

Osmo makes learning FUN! This engaging technology allows children to actively engage in the learning process using tactile exploration and innovative technology. Mrs. Roth’s second grade class will use various games to help strengthen and build skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). This bundle includes the following:
(5) Grab & Go Large Storage Case for Osmo Games
(1) Genius Starter Kit Math, Spelling, Creativity & More Games
(1) Creative Starter Kit Drawing, Word Problems, and Early Physics
(1) Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Learn to Draw Games
(1) Detective Agency-Solving Global Mysteries Games
(1) Pizza Co. Communication Skills and Math Games

Donation Value: $600

From Mrs. Roth: “I am eager and excited to grow my centers for my classroom and these items will be a great addition to help me do that! These materials for centers will allow my students to practice different skills to enhance their understanding. Thank you in advance for your generous donation to my classroom. It is greatly appreciated!”

Jumbo Building Set STEM Bundle

Construction building sets are one of the most impactful resources our littlest learners can benefit from. These building sets will be used to help promote spatial reasoning skills, language development, creative problem solving, and social development. Research has shown that children who play with building blocks from a young age are proven to excel further with complex mathematical concepts! These jumbo building blocks will facilitate all of the above important developmental skills while our children thrive in their creativity and have fun! This bundle includes:
(1) 60 piece Easy-Build Bricks-Master Set
(1) 24 piece Jumbo Magnetic Building Tiles Set
(1) 42 piece Jumbo Log Builders Set
Donation Value: $925

From Mrs. Julie “Thank you for your consideration in donating to my classroom. Any items you are able to provide for my students will be put to good use. I love being able to provide a variety of resources to keep the kids engaged in STEM activities. With your help and the help of the Valle Foundation my classroom can provide a great start for my Pre-K students.”
Donation Value: $920

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